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Cercis Canadensis Vanilla Twist

Cercis Canadensis Vanilla Twist is the first white flowering, weeping Red Bud tree, a lovely addition to small and medium gardens, buy online UK delivery.
Cercis Canadensis Vanilla Twist weeping Red Bud
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Height Excluding Pot:
1.75-2m (5ft 8-6ft 6)

Plant shape: Feathered
Pot size: 20 Litres
Plant ID: 6707 2
Price: £255.00
33% Discount £170.85

Cercis Canadensis Vanilla Twist or Eastern Redbud Vanilla Twist
A new ornamental variety of the Eastern Redbud tree, Cercis Canadensis Vanilla Twist is treasured for its lovely weeping habit and pure white blossoms. Compact and showy, this cultivar is a great choice of tree for small gardens.

A cross between Cercis varieties Covey and Royal White, Eastern Redbud Vanilla Twist possesses the best qualities of both parents. Flaunting a pronounced weeping habit, this tree is at its best in the early spring, when clusters of white, pea-shaped blossoms appear. The masses of flowers make way for heart-shaped, glossy green leaves to unfold as their season ends. In the winter months, the bare, arching branches offer interest. As the only variety that combines both the weeping habit and white blossoms, Cercis Canadensis Vanilla Twist is a truly unique cultivar.

When it comes to growing conditions, this cultivar is not too fussy. This eye-catching ornamental tree will perform well both in full sun and dappled shade, as long as the soil is well-drained. Although it is frost hardy, this ornamental tree will appreciate a sheltered position in the garden, as cold winds or late frosts can damage the flower buds. Selected in the United States, Eastern Redbud Vanilla Twist tolerates sub-freezing temperatures and it is fully hardy in the United Kingdom. It is also drought-tolerant and suitable for xeriscaping purposes.

With its moderate growth rate, Cercis Canadensis Vanilla Twist has an ultimate height of circa 2 metres and 1.5 metres width. Compared with other Redbud varieties that can grow to be almost five times in size, this cultivar is the perfect alternative for small gardens. Routine pruning should be done during late winter or early spring and includes removal of dead and damaged growth.

Offering year-round interest, Eastern Redbud Vanilla Twist is an ideal candidate for a specimen tree. Its cascading branches look highly decorative both bare and enveloped by blossoms, and can be beautifully complemented by flowering specimens planted on either side or under the tree. Combine it with low-growing perennials or shrubs such as Achillea Millefolium Summer Berries or Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpurea Concorde for a breathtaking floral display in your garden.

We offer a selection of redbud varieties, including the weeping Cercis Canadensis Lavender Twist and the multi-stemmed cultivars, such as Cercis canadensis Hearts of Gold, Cercis Canadensis Forest Pansy or Cercis Canadensis Ruby Falls. You might also be interested in our selection of ornamental trees.

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