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Darlac DP102 Two-In-One Tungsten and Diamond Sharpener

Darlac DP102 Two-In-One Tungsten and Diamond Sharpener
Diamond Sharpener
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Product Type: Diamond Sharpener

Plant ID: 8956 WC 76

Price: £18.49

Darlac DP102 tungsten and diamond sharpener is a two-in-one aggressive tool sharpener that transforms heavily damaged metal into a keen, sharp edge.

This handy two-in-one tool has two sharpening surfaces. One is made from diamond and the other tungsten to ensure suitability for all metals including steel. The tungsten block sharpens blunt steel and the diamond edge hones metal to a fine finish.

Darlac’s sharpener is an easy to use all-in-one sharpening system. The heavy-duty tungsten block is situated externally while the diamond edge sharpener is stored inside the twist-off handle. This makes it safe and compact in your hand.  

This top-quality sharpener will restore all your edged tools. It weighs just 33 grams, measures 120 mm in length, and the coating is bright red so you’ll never lose it.

This is a perfect maintenance tool for all blades requiring keen edges. 

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