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Garden Bamboo Support Canes

Garden Bamboo Support Canes
Garden Bamboo Support Canes
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Dimensions: 91.44 cm

Size: 3ft Height Girth: 8/10

Product Type: Bundle of 50 Bamboo Canes

Plant ID: 10673 W 107

Price: £35.00
Buy 100 for £60.00

Garden Bamboo Support Canes 3ft Long
Garden Bamboo Support Canes are 3 feet long golden bamboo canes. They provide sturdy, long-lasting support for plants, netting and tree guards. 

These top-quality bamboo canes come in a bundle of 50. They are strong, long-lasting and durable in the garden.

Because they are a natural product they fit into garden schemes without standing out, providing support for vines, peas, anti-bird netting, tree guards, and a variety of other garden tasks. 

These bamboo canes are 3 feet in height by approximately 8-10 mm in girth and will fit the majority of plastic clips. 

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