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Hydrangea Preziosa

Hydrangea Preziosa is a dwarf variety of Mophead Hydrangea with a round head of large pink petals
Hydrangea Preziosa
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Hydrangea Preziosa (full botanical name Hydrangea Serrata Preziosa) is a small mophead hydrangea with clusters of pink flowers. It’s perfect for container planting or a mixed border and holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit. 

Hydrangea Serrata Preziosa originated from Japan and Korea. It’s a deciduous hydrangea that loses all of its leaves in winter and comes back bigger and better the following spring. Foliage reappears in spring as young bronze leaves that turn deep green before finally maturing into a fiery deep red in the autumn. When the foliage finally falls with the frosts it reveals purple-red stems. Clusters of pretty rose pink mophead flowers appear during early summer eventually maturing into reddish-purple blooms in early autumn. If it’s grown on very acidic soil the flowers may appear in hues of pink to blue and light purples. 

Height And Spread of Hydrangea Preziosa
Hydrangea Serrata Preziosa is a dwarf shrub that reaches a maximum height and spread of 1.5 metres over ten years. 

How Hardy Is Hydrangea Preziosa
This is a hardy shrub that can withstand sub-zero UK winters if its roots are well-drained. It prefers moist soil, but will withstand drought however it’s flowers will appear smaller and the foliage less vigorous if it dries out.  

How To Use Hydrangea Preziosa
Hydrangea Preziosa is perfect for lovers of romantic flowers and bushy foliage. It suits a sunny to partially shady mixed border or a woodland garden and will grow in a container provided it’s well fed and watered. It looks good with other hydrangeas and rhododendrons in striking colours. The mophead flowers are popular with flower arrangers and they  dry effectively to create long-lasting displays. 

How To Care For Hydrangea Preziosa
Hydrangeas like full sun and partially shady spots that are sheltered and free from frost pockets.  Acidic to neutral soils are best for hydrangeas and they grow well in ericaceous compost. They enjoy consistently moist soil and perform best when watered frequently. 
A little pruning will ensure Hydrangea Preziosa looks its best, so remove flower heads in spring once the risk of frost has passed cutting back to a pair of new shoots and remove crossed of damaged areas. If you want to restrict the growth of your hydrangea cut back one-third of its shoots to the base. Mulch each year with well-rotted manure for the best flower displays.   

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