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Ilex Maximowicziana Kanehirae Japanese Holly Kanehirae

Evergreen Hedging Shrub

Ilex Maximowicziana Kanehirae Japanese Holly, a hardy evergreen shrub
Ilex Maximowicziana Kanehirae
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Ilex Maximowicziana Kanehirae (Japanese Holly Kanehirae)
Usually Japanese holly refers to the small-leafed Ilex Crenata or Japanese holly. Ilex Maximowicziana however is a separate variety of Japanese Holly with larger leaves and a faster growing rate than Ilex Crenata. As a result, it is even more suited for hedging

The foliage is glossy, dark green and generally similar to that of Ilex Crenata except in size. This shrub produces a profusion of tiny white flowers in the spring, which might not be too showy but are well loved by pollinators. In autumn, the flowers turn to small black berries.  

Height and Spread of Ilex Maximowicziana Kanehirae
A compact cultivar, Japanese Holly Kanehirae usually achieves the size of 2 metres in maturity, but as it responds very well to clipping, you can easily trim it to maintain any desired size.

How Hardy is Ilex Maximowicziana Kanehirae?
Even hardier than its Ilex crenata relative, Japanese Holly Kanehirae is full hardy in the United Kingdom, even in colder areas of the country. It is also disease resistant and will not suffer box blight, making it a practical replacement for buxus

How To Use Ilex Maximowicziana Kanehirae
As a (relatively) fast-growing evergreen shrub with dense foliage, Japanese Holly Kanehirae is ideally suited for hedging purposes. The large glossy leaves will provide year-round privacy and shelter for wildlife. Thanks to its responsiveness to trimming and clipping, Japanese Holly Kanehirae hedge can be shaped any way you want it to and kept at any size.

How To Care For Ilex Maximowicziana Kanehirae
Undemanding and vigorous, Japanese Holly Kanehirae will grow in any soil, as long as it is moist but well-drained. It is very adaptable and will thrive in any aspect, from full sun to dense shade, but for best results and minimal maintenance choose a spot in partial shade. When planting, add some Mycorrhizal Fungi Granules, which play an important role in helping young plants to get established. 

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