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Leyland Cypress Half Standard

Leyland Cypress Half Standard Tree or Cupressus Leylandii Half Standard Tree
Leyland Cypress Half Standard Tree
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.3-1.4m (4ft 3-4ft 7)

Trunk height: 90 cm

Pot size: 25 Litres

Plant ID: 9604 64

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Leyland Cypress Half Standard
Leyland Cypress Half Standard 1.3-1.4 m

This image displays plant 1.3-1.4 m tall.

Height Excluding Pot: 1.3-1.4m (4ft 3-4ft 7)

Trunk height: 90 cm

Pot size: 25 Litres

Plant ID: 9604 64

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15% Off - Now £161.50

Leyland Cypress or Cupressus Leylandii in a Half Standard Tree Shape
These are evergreen Leyland Cypress conifer trees but shaped as half-standard trees on clear stems of circa 1.2 Metres tall with a canopy of foliage on top. The shape can be maintained with a trim once or twice per year (they are quite fast-growing). Half Standard Tree have lots of uses - the neat and elegant shape means they can be used for above the fence-line privacy screening when planted in rows our for lining walkways and or avenues. These are ideal for small and medium-sized gardens. 

An evergreen conifer, Leylandii is a hybrid between two American conifers and was discovered in 1888 at Leighton Hall in Wales. The trees have dark sprays of flat green foliage held out on yellow-green stems. When young, the foliage is a light colour but it gradually matures to dark green. Leylandii keep their feathery foliage all year round and may produce small cones.

Our half standard Leyland Cypress are grown on a clear stem with a head of evergreen foliage and suit containers or small garden borders.

Height And Spread Of Cupressus Leylandi Half Standard
These are half-standard trees and the trunk measures around 1.2 metres with dense foliage on top. The foliage on top can be kept in trim with a once or twice-yearly cut. 

How Hardy Is Cupressus Leylandi Half Standard
Hardy, disease-resistant, and wind tolerant Cupressus Leylandii Trees are among the toughest evergreen trees you can buy. They tolerate most soils and drought once established. Leylandii are very popular for their hardy nature. 

How To Use Cupressus Leylandi Half Standard
Leyland Cypress Half Standard Trees are versatile and have many uses.
They are elegant and neat enough to line a walkway or the back of a border, and because they are half standards create excellent above the fence line hedges on smaller fences.  If you have a seating area and need to block the wind or gain some privacy these evergreen half standards tolerate stiff breezes and won’t take over the space or block all the light. You can also add winter colour to a patio or front garden with leylandii half standards in a well-watered container.

How To Care For Cupressus Leylandi Half Standard
Leyland Cypress need little care once established. 
They suit all free-draining soils and the majority of situations but will thrive in full sun or partial shade with a yearly application of mulch to keep them healthy.
Because this variety is fast-growing a twice-yearly trim is required to keep their shape. This can be done at any time of the year.
Water well until established. 

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