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Pinus Mugo Benjamin Dwarf Pine

Pinus Mugo Benjamin, a slow growing compact conifer variety, preferring full sun - will develop into a neatly formed dome shape, buy online UK delivery.
Pinus Mugo Benjamin Dwarf Conifer
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Height Excluding Pot:
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Pot size: 20 Litres
Plant ID: 3619 2
Price: £125.00
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Pinus Mugo Benjamin or Dwarf Mountain Pine Benjamin
Petite and highly-decorative, Pinus Mugo Benjamin, a variety of Dwarf Mountain Pine, is prized for its compact size and textured foliage. It is very small indeed reaching max 30 x 50 cm over 10 years. This is an attractive dwarf pine that grows in all soils and is very lime tolerant. Perfect for a Rock Garden.

Naturally globe-shaped, this cultivar has a very attractive flat-topped, rounded habit. Even when fully mature, Dwarf Mountain Pine Benjamin will not exceed its maximum size of 30 centimetres in height and approximately 50 centimetres in width, after a period of 10 years. The dense, evergreen foliage consists of very short, medium green, stiff needles. The needles are uniform and radially arranged along the branches. This conifer produces a profusion of slim, erect, and elongated cones that sit atop the foliage.

Originating from the mountains of central and southern Europe, all Pinus Mugo varieties are remarkably undemanding, and it is the same with Dwarf Mountain Pine Benjamin. This cultivar will grow in virtually any soil, and it is very lime tolerant. To ensure best results, plant this compact pine in well-drained soil and full sun exposure. Once the plant is established, it is drought resistant.

This miniature evergreen shrub is tough and can easily withstand temperatures lower than 20 degrees below zero. Fully hardy in the United Kingdom. Unbothered by winds or frost, Pinus Mugo Benjamin will thrive in both sheltered and exposed locations. Rarely affected by any serious pests or diseases. Benjamin naturally keeps its magnificent round form in perfect shape, so no need for pruning or trimming. 

Pinus Mugo Benjamin is prized for its miniature sized and attractive rounded shape. Highly adaptable and robust, this dwarf conifer is an ideal choice for rock gardens. The evergreen foliage offers interest throughout the year, and since this pine can be grown in containers, it makes a great choice for brightening up roof terraces, patios or balconies.

See also other Pinus Mugo varieties, such as Pinus Mugo Mops, Pinus Mugo Nana, Pinus Mugo Winter Gold and Pinus Mugo Pumilio. Lots more dwarf conifers in our collection of low-growing plants.

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