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Pleached Prunus Lusitanica Trees

Evergreen Portuguese Laurel pleached trees - for sale online UK delivery.
Pleached Portuguese Laurel Trees
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Height Excluding Pot: 3m (9ft 10)

Plant shape: Frame 1.5m High x 1.2m Wide

Trunk height: 1.5 m

Trunk girth: 12-14 cm

Pot size: 45 Litres

Plant ID: 2546 2

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20% Off - Now £476.00

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Pleached Prunus Lusitanica or Pleached Portuguese Laurel
Normally, one of our hedging bestsellers, we are now offering Pleached Prunus Lusitanica trees. These pleached evergreens are ideal for above fence or hedge screening, offering a maximum level of privacy in return for relatively little maintenance. 

A pleached tree produces a straight stem with well-trained branches that form a cane-like framework via a distinctive branch weaving technique. The evergreen Portuguese Laurel is an ideal candidate for pleaching. It offers height and provides superb screening. The straight branches are easily woven to generate the coveted pleached effect that creates an optimum and extremely elegant garden screen. Once pleached, the branches of the Portuguese laurel provide a thick visual obstruction that easily affords privacy to any area of the garden. 

An evergreen tree, Prunus Lusitanica can grow to a height of 3 to 15 meters tall and a spread of up to 8 meters. The leaves measure 7 to 12 centimetres in length and are 3 to 5 centimetres wide. Both the topside and the underside of each leaf is shaded a deep, dark, glossy green. The foliage is typically smaller than its larger-leaf cousin the Cherry Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus).

During the late spring months, Portuguese Laurel produces an abundance of white flower spikes that invoke a sweet aroma in the garden. The shrub’s flowers attract butterflies, bees, and birds. Each flowering spike measures 15 to 25 centimetres in length. Following flowering, the tree produces a small fruit the measures 8 to 13 millimetres in diameter. The fruits appear in a shade of green or reddish-green. As they ripen they take on a dark purple or blackish hue by autumn. 

Pleached Prunus Lusitanica grows best in full sun or partial shade. It withstands a wide array of soil types such as loam, sandy, clay, or chalk. The soil’s pH balance is also not an issue because the tolerant Portuguese laurel will thrive in either acidic or alkaline conditions. The tough shrub prefers moist, well-draining soil, however, it will grow in even poor, chalky, shallow soils where other shrubs fail.

The formal and striking beauty of a straight line of Pleached Portuguese laurels grown as a screen is undeniable. It adds a flair of opulence to any garden or landscape. Despite its manicured appearance, a screen of pleached Portuguese laurel shrubs requires very little care to look outstanding year round. Generally, one pruning per year will keep them neat and tidy. 

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