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T Rex Topiary - Dinosaur Topiary
Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur topiary tree, large impressive height and beautifully shaped using Ligustrum Jonandrum, buy UK.
Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur topiary tree

T Rex Topiary is another form of the dinosaur topiary trees we offer for sale. The design inspired by prehistoric wildlife might be more unusual than more traditional topiary, but it is precisely their unconventional appearance that makes dinosaur topiary trees highly sought after. To recreate the likeness of the now extinct predator, privet shrub or Ligustrum Jonandrum has been expertly trained over a wire frame for over a decade.

While training the T Rex Topiary certainly took a lot of effort, keeping this Ligustrum Jonandrum topiary in shape will not. The dinosaur shaped tree is easy to care for, and seasonal trimming will ensure it stays in perfect form. Cut back new growth at the end of the summer and repeat in the spring. The evergreen cultivar we used is fully hardy in the UK, which means that your topiary will boast lush green foliage throughout the year. However, in some areas where winters are particularly harsh, some of the leaves may die back - only to grow back in the spring.

Due to its dimensions, this dinosaur shaped green sculpture is a good candidate for large gardens. The T Rex Topiary is 2.6 metres high (excluding the pot), with a diameter of 2.7 metres.

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Height Excluding Pot:
2.6m (8ft 6)

Plant shape: 1.5m X 1.5m box planter

Diameter: 270 cm

Plant ID: 5363 64
Was £15,995.00
40% Off - Now £9,597.00

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