One of the many exciting aspects of the arrival of spring is the advent of the new flowering season of the beloved Camellia Japonica. The showy flowers, much heralded after the long sparse winter months, look all the more stunning set as they are against the backdrop of lovely, glossy, evergreen leaves typical of the Japonica varieties. This year, we have lots of new varieties with which to celebrate the arrival of spring. We also have all the old favourites such as Camellia Dr. Burnside. Our Camellias are available for sale online with delivery UK wide.

We have Many Varieties of Camellias Available

We have Many Varieties of Camellias Available

We have many sizes of these stunning evergreens in stock – from small plants standing circa 80 cm tall to mature camellia trees at 2 metres tall. Here are a few highlights:

Camellia Japonica Bonomiana – these are mature camellia plants, standing 2 metres tall in a beautiful ¾ standard upright shape with beautiful pale pink flowers punctuated with deep pink erratic stripes.

If you are after something a little smaller, we have Camellia Japonica General Colletti in two sizes (80 cm tall and / or 1.25 metres tall). General Colletti has striking deep red flowers interspersed with splashes of white.

If it’s a gorgeous whiter shade of pink you are after, then Camellia Japonica Nuccios Pearl has a stunningly elegant double flower in white with an incredibly delicate pale pink hue – really rather lovely.

For a more vibrant pink flower, try Camellia Japonica R L Wheeler, a new variety of Camellia that produces an abundance of deep pink flowers from March through to April.

For a more classic Camellia, Camellia Japonica Shiragiku (Purity) is an ancient variety of camellia and produces large showy white blooms.

For something a tad more unusual, try the variety Camellia Japonica Triphosa which was originally introduced in France and has an abundance of white flowers with attractive yellow centres.

Camellia Japonica Triphosa

Camellia Japonica Triphosa – one of the newer Camellia varieties in stock

Remember, these are just some highlights. For many more Camellia Japonica in a range of varieties, colours and sizes, take a look at our Camellia Collection Online.