Mature Multi-Stem Camellias are growing in popularity. These three varieties of Camellia trees have been trained to have multi-stems with a vigorous bushy crown and are just covered in buds and blooms. These are essentially mature camellia plants shaped over time as multi-stem trees. While these are large plants, you can buy them online and we delivery throughout the UK.  There are currently three of our most popular varieties to choose from – the delicate cream and pink tinged blossoms of Camellia Japonica Nuccio’s Pearl

Multi-Stem Camellias: -Camellia Japonica Nuccios Pearl

Multi-Stem Camellias: Cam Japonica Nuccios Pearl

The striking  deep crimson blooms of Camellia Japonica Dr Burnside, this variety has very prolific buds and flowers. Camellia trees take time  to train to this shape, these trees are quite mature specimens. Camellias are relatively slow growing, these multi-stem trees can be kept in a container but will need regular feeding with a reputable Camellia feed (for ericaceous soil)

Camellia Japonica Dr Burnside

Camellia Japonica Dr Burnside mature specimens

Finally, the delicate creamy tones of Camellia Japonica Hagorono, this delightful White flowering Camellia has smaller, double and very profuse flowers, produced on a beautifully shaped multi-stemmed tree. The perfect addition to a white or cream colour scheme with glossy, deep green, evergreen leaves. This variety has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit – a sure sign it will perform well in most UK gardens.

Camellia Japonica Hagorono AGM from the RHS

Camellia Japonica Hagorono AGM from the RHS

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