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Camellia Japonica Hagoromo

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Close up of white bloom of Camellia Hagoromo for sale at our London plant centre and online for delivery UK
Camellia Japonica Hagoromo, beautiful white flowering Camellia with profuse flowering buy online UK
Camellia Japonica Hagoromo - Profuse White Flowers
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Height Excluding Pot:
60cm (1ft 11)

Pot size: 4.5 Litres

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70cm (2ft 3)

Pot size: 6 Litres

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Camellia Japonica Hagoromo

As with most Camellia Japonica, Hagoromo is an evergreen, medium-sized shrub with oval, narrow, green glossy leaves. In spring Camellia Japonica Hagoromo produces stunning 10 cm wide, very pale pink double flowers with narrow delicate petals. This is a very beautiful established variety, its name 'Hagoromo' in fact means 'of great antiquity'. It can sometimes be known as Magnoliaeflora. 

Particular to Hagoromo are it is a smaller, more compact variety of camellia with an upright habit forming a neat and tidy bush or tree shape so it can be good as a garden focal point. It can even be used to create a particularily handsome hedge. It is a prolific bloomer.

Camellia Japonica Hagoromo is an excellent plant for ornamental purposes and as with most Camellias will generally work well as an architectural feature. This variety grows to 4.5 metres high and circa 2.5 metres spread. Ideal soil conditions for Hagoromo are acidic. Read more about Caring for Camellias here. It grows well in full sun and even semi shade.

Try growing Camellia Japonica Hagoromo in a pot – it will look stunning on your terrace, patio or roof garden, remember to pot up the plant using Ericaceous soil and feed with a slow release Camellia feed.

These particular Camellia Japonica Hagoromo plants are available as a bushy form for planting as a shrub or if you want to create a camellia hedge

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Close up of white bloom of Camellia Hagoromo

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