The Importance of Cherry Blossom…
In Japan, cherry blossom symbolises clouds and is highly significant in Japanese culture. Its extreme beauty and quick demise are seen as the embodiment of life itself.

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Cherry Blossom Trees are Blooming in London!

Every year the whole of Japan tracks the path of the flowering cherry blossom as it moves south to north across the country. The blossom is first seen in Okinawa and as the warmth of the spring moves upwards across the country the cherry blossoms reach Tokyo and Kyoto around April. Artists the world over have tried to capture its beauty – many Western artists drawing inspiration from Japanese art, the most famous must be the series of Cherry Blossom paintings by Van Gogh.
Here in the UK, this stunning floral display is one of the first to herald the true arrival of springtime. It’s with a sigh of relief when the cherry blossoms arrive en masse, letting us know the season has truly changed.

Cherry Blossom in Your Garden Design
For the garden designer – these trees are a truly wonderful addition to any garden design – to create a beautiful focal point, to line an avenue, or to enhance an oriental garden design. The varieties that we have available at Paramount, make it possible to grow them in the smallest of patios and town gardens to the largest of grand designs. An usual variety is the multi-stemmed Prunus Serrulata – which gives a sculptural interest to the tree during the winter months and beautiful blossom in Spring.

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Prunus Persica Spring Glow | Prunus Serrulata Multistemmed

Of course the blossom is beautiful – but also the leaf colours, bright lime greens in summer turning to a beautiful bronze in Autumn and the bark patterns and colours provide interest during the winter months.

Prunus Amanogawa or Flagpole Cherry - perfect for smaller gardens

Prunus Amanogawa or Flagpole Cherry – perfect for smaller gardens

Prunus Amanogawa Japanese Flowering Cherry is an upright and narrow tree that is perfect for smaller spaces. Also known as the ‘flagpole cherry’ this tree is completely covered in pretty pink blossom in the spring. The mid green leaves turn red and orange in the Autumn.

Cherry Plum Trees Full Standard for sale UK

Cherry Plum Trees Full Standard

These full standard Cherry Plum trees  or Prunus Cerasifera Nigra are strikingly beautiful with their tall clear stems and deep plum/purple coloured leaves, which are bright red when young – they are perfect for screening – either above a wall or fence or underplant them – we suggest with Photinia Red Robin or Sweet Olive or one of the Camellia Japonicas