We are approaching the best season of the year for planting, particularly for mature hedging. Now that October is here, while there may be an extra chill in the air, the garden soil is still warm from the long summer months. It is also moist and soft from the recent rains. You will find that this is most helpful indeed when digging holes for planting, particularly those larger holes required for more mature instant screening hedges.



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If it’s instant hedges you are after, we have a whole range of instant hedging. In fact, getting yourself an instant hedge has never been easier – with our numerous Buy 10 Offers offering unbeatable value and our buy online service with UK wide delivery, you can have your garden screened off in no time!

We are rigorously vigilant with our pricing so you can be pretty sure you are getting the best deal around, taking into account the maturity and quality of the plants we provide. And because we understand that not everyone has space for 100 plants or even 50, our great bulk buy offers start when you buy as little as 10 Instant Hedging plants.

Please take a look at the dedicated hedging section on our website.


Thuya as a superb hedging conifer is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Thuya hedging plants are available as rootballed (without a pot) and are excellent value for money. We have Buy 10 Offers on Thuya Brabant (Thuya Occidentalis Brabant), which creates a compact growing lush green hedge and Thuya Smaragd

If you are not sure which type of instant hedge is right for your situation, give us a call on  020 8367 8809. We are more than happy to advise and / or point you in the right direction.

Great Instant Hedging Deals when you buy 10 or more plants

Thuya Smaragd rootballed – Great Hedging Deals when you buy 10 or more plants


Oleaster (Elaeagnus Ebbingei)

Instant Hedging – lovely, fragrant Oleaster (Elaeagnus Ebbingei)