Magnolia Trees UK, February – London’s Magnolias prepare to bloom

Magnolia Trees UK, in February – London’s Magnolias prepare to bloom

It’s always exciting to witness the beginning of the end of winter, as heralded by the emergence of the first flowering magnolia trees. These shots are taken from Central London where magnificent magnolia trees are preparing to burst into bloom. How striking they look with the elegant flower buds slowly opening on the bare branches of the trees.

Magnolia Trees UK

White Flowering Magnolia Tree, Central London


If you are thinking about planting a magnolia tree, round about now is a good time to buy as you can see the colour of the blooms first hand. It’s good to know that Magnolia Trees also make ideal container plants for terraces and can be highly decorative when grown in containers on roof terraces.

At Paramount Plants, we have over 20 varieties of magnolia trees in stock in a wide range of colours and hues. Our magnolias are already mature plants standing on average 1.5 metres tall (not including the pot) and should establish quite quickly.

Magnolia Trees UK

Magnolia Trees UK – first showy pink blooms emerge


Choose from lovely orange blooms that are creamy on the inside – Magnolia Peachy. For white flowering varieties Magnolia Alba Surperba is very popular. For the smaller garden or for roof terraces, the compact and slow growing Magnolia George Henry Kern with its lovely pink blooms is an excellent choice. Or try the new variety Magnolia Sunsation, it surely won’t disappoint with its large, showy lemon flowers. View our full range on the Magnolia section of our website.

For queries and questions, the Paramount Plants team is always on hand to help.
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Magnolia Trees in Bloom UK

London Street lined with magnolia trees about to burst into bloom