Mature Evergreen Trees – our top picks!

Updated for 2019 Season

Our regular readers most likely know by now that here at Paramount Plants, we are specialists in mature trees.

Mature Trees - Perfect for Evergreen Screening for sale at London garden centre
Mature Trees are Perfect for Evergreen Screening

Clients from all over the UK come to us for solutions to challenging screening requirements and for our advice on how best to bring maturity to a young garden. It never ceases to amaze them just how much any outside space can be literally transformed in an instant by planting mature trees. With our mature evergreen trees, you get the added advantage of all year round screening and privacy as well as creating an absolute haven for the birds and other wildlife.

Our full standard evergreen trees have nice long trunks, generally around 2 metres in height, and tend to be between 3 and 6 metres in total height, depending on the type of tree. While they make an instant impression as stand-alone trees, they are particularly well suited for offering a wall of green above the hedge, wall or fence line.

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Here are some of our most popular, mature Full Standard Trees:

Ligustrum Japonicum Variegated Full Standard Tree
Our mature Ligustrum Japonicum variegated tree is one of our tallest, reaching up to almost 4 metres in height. These evergreen Ligustrums have lovely dark green and cream variegated foliage and are durable and long lived. Perhaps better known for its use as an evergreen hedging plant, the full standard Ligustrum Japonicum tree is perfect for above the fence evergreen screening. Producing white flowers in summer followed by black berries in Autumn, Ligustrum Japonicum is a haven for the birds and the bees.

If you prefer a luscious green foliage, we also have the green-leaved (as opposed to variegated) Ligustrum Japonicum Full Standard Trees available at sizes of 6-6.7 metres tall, other smaller sizes are available.

Mature Ligustrum Japonicum Trees
Mature Ligustrum Japonicum Trees – from 3.5 metres tall

Quercus Ilex Full Standard Tree
Also known Holm Oak or Holly Oak, Quercus Ilex full standard evergreen oak fits in very naturally with the UK landscape. A magnificent tree with holly-like leaves, it is faster growing than its deciduous relatives. Evergreen Oak Trees - Quercus Ilex aka Holm Oak or Holly Oak Trees

Evergreen Oak Trees – Quercus Ilex aka Holm Oak or Holly Oak Trees

Magnolia Grandiflora Full Standard Tree

These captivating evergreen Magnolia Grandiflora trees with their beautiful scented flowers and gorgeous evergreen leaves are relatively slow growing so if you want a mature look, we have full standard Magnolia Grandiflora trees.

Mature Magnolia Grandiflora Trees - full standard trees for evergreen screening
Magnolia Grandiflora Full Standard Mature Trees 5 – 6 metres high

Photinia Red Robin Full Standard Tree
Our Photinia Red Robin Full Standard Tree is available in heights of circa 4 metres with a trunk height of circa 2.2 metres and in a slightly smaller size of circa 3 metres with a trunk height of 1.8 metres. The Photinia Red Robin is one of our most popular ever green trees with its stunning bright red new foliage each Spring followed by small white flowers.

Photinia Red Robin Full Standard Mature Trees on Special Offer
Photinia Red Robin Full Standard Mature Trees

Full Standard Laurel Trees
Cherry Laurel and Portuguese Laurel trees are prized for their lush evergreen foliage. We have Prunus Lusitanica as Full Standard trees (this is the smaller leaved Portuguese Laurel) in sizes of almost 3 metres tall.

We have Cherry Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus) Full Standard Trees standing at 3.25 metres tall.

Mature, Full Standard Laurel Trees for Sale
Mature, Full Standard Laurel Trees – clear-stemmed for above fence screening

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