These stunning mature Osmanthus False Holly Hedging plants are perfect for use as instant hedging, standing at 2.5 to 3 metres tall. Create an instant wall of fragrant green hedging at great prices.

Incredible value for plants of this maturity and quality, allowing you to enjoy an instant wall of green.

Mature Osmanthus False Holly Hedging

Mature Osmanthus False Holly Hedging

Osmanthus Fortunei (False Holly) is a large evergreen shrub with a dense growing habit that makes it ideal for hedging. False Holly Hedging is in fact a great alternative to Holly, having softer foliage, so it’s not as prickly as Holly.

In the late summer to late autumn, False Holly has amazing small, white, highly fragrant flowers, adored by pollinators.

The False Holly has beautiful dark green foliage with a lighter underside and has a medium growth rate, eventually reaching a height 15 feet tall and wide.

Mature False Holly Hedging

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