Planting a hedge? Consider the Portuguese Laurel

Evergreen and ultra-hardy, the Portuguese Laurel has much to offer as a hedging or screening plant. It may be that the Portuguese Laurel (Prunus Lusitanica Angustifolia) is not as well-known as its more common cousin the Cherry Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus) for hedging, but it has many commendable characteristics that make it a splendid evergreen hedging plant.

Portuguese Laurel lovely soft green foliage, fragrant white flowers in summer
Portuguese Laurel – lovely soft green foliage, fragrant white flowers in summer

The Portuguese Laurel differs from the Cherry Laurel in that it is much less rampant and thus easier to control. Portuguese Laurel clips really easily. The leaves are small and neat, in fact half the size of the Cherry Laurel. As it is slower-growing than Cherry Laurels, it requires less clipping and develops a more dense habit, which is an excellent feature in a hedge and attractive to wildlife – dense hedges offer great protection for nesting birds.

Excellent in Dry Shade
Portuguese Laurel will grow in any soil, no matter how poor and in virtually any aspect. This is particularly good if you have a dry shady area where you wish to put a hedge. As Portuguese Laurel is hardier than most plants, it will also do really well in exposed positions.

If you don’t clip Portuguese Laurel in the spring, it produces lovely fragrant white flowers, followed by berries.  Pollinators love the flowers and the birds love the berries.

In Stock
We currently have Portuguese Laurel plants in stock in 3 size ranges from 1.25 Metres to 2.5 Metres tall. Plants can be purchased online and we delivery UK wide.