Cotinus Grace and Sambuca

Cotinus Grace | Sambuca

At this time of the year when everything in the garden is looking so lush and blooms are plentiful – it is hard to imagine a time when the flowers are gone. Now is the time for planning Autumn changes to the garden and decorative foliage has a huge part to play in your garden design scheme.

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Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum | Acer Palmatum Bloodgood | Acer Palmatum Dissectum Garnet

Warm reds and purples can really lift and highlight an area of the garden and many of our suggested plants wear their finest not as showy blooms but as glowing swathes of coloured foliage. Who can resist the beautiful amber and bronze and fiery reds and oranges of Japanese Acers.

Cotinus Grace and Cotinus Royal Purple buy online

Cotinus Grace and Cotinus Royal Purple

Many of these plants  will grace your outside space with glorious warm hues right through to the coldest part of the year. The wonderful architectural shapes of the Cordylines can be underplanted with acers for great impact and subtle complementary tones.
Feijoa Sellowiana produces stunning red flowers during the summer followed by edible fruits and works well underplanted by the bronze coloured Phormium Tenax Purpurea

Feijoa and phormiums

Red Flowering Feijoa | Phormium Tenax Purpurea

Loropetulum| Nandina Domestica | Red Cordyline and Acer Dissectum Garnet

Pittosporum Tom Thumb produces great low level coverage of neat leaves the unusual colouring of  yellow green to purple as the foliage ages. Tiny honey scented flowers appear around late summer.

Pittosporum Tom Thumb

Pittosporum Tom Thumb – Leaves Turn Purple as they age

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