Plants For Coastal Gardens

Plants For Coastal Gardens

Seaside and coastlines are often seen as synonymous with a windy and salt ridden climate where only the hardiest plant specimens can survive and the question is often posed to those of us working in the horticultural industry “What plants, shrubs and trees would be suitable? I live on the coast or near the sea”. As my recent travels have taught me – the answer to this ubiquitous question is not as bleak as we often think. Read more Plants For Coastal Gardens

New In! Tortured Willow Trees

New Arrival at Paramount Plants – Tortured Willow Trees

The latest addition to our tree collection is the very sculptural Salix Babylonica Tortuosa, otherwise known as Tortured Willow. These are fast growing trees that have a columnar shape and eventually reach a medium size so are quite suitable for urban gardens. Read more New In! Tortured Willow Trees

Overbeck’s – The Garden With A View

From North and South Sands you start the climb, higher and higher, up the winding hill, with stupendous views across Salcombe Estuary, all the way to the very clifftop – here you are amply rewarded for your effort by the fabulous coastal and tropical garden at Overbeck’s. Read more Overbeck’s – The Garden With A View