Olive Trees With Gnarled Trunks

Paramount Plants has specialised in Mediterranean plants for many years, indeed it was the original concept for our plant centre. So when it comes to Olive Trees, we know a thing or two about which specimens to choose, how to maintain these magnificent trees and how to present them in their very best light. Read more Olive Trees With Gnarled Trunks

Olive Trees Sale

Olive Tree Sale Offer

An iconic tree for anyone familiar with the Mediterranean landscape and these are now becoming hugely popular as ornamental trees in the UK. Olive Trees are extremely hardy and are very drought tolerant, perfect for those areas of the garden that receive full sun without the need for extra watering in dry spells. The elegant silver grey leaves can be trained into lovely lollipop shapes which has increased their use in containers at either side of an entrance door. In contrast, the ancient, gnarled trunks of a bonsai’d olive can give your garden instant aging. Read more Olive Trees Sale

Umbrella Pine Tree For Sale UK

Umbrella Pine Trees are those fabulous, mushroom shaped trees, that can be seen in the town and countryside of most Southern European countries – but most especially and beautifully planted by the Italians along lakesides and boulevards to give essential shade at the hottest time of the day. Anyone who has travelled to the Italian lakes in Northern Italy will have at some point sat on a bench beneath an Umbrella Pine tree and watched the world go by. Read more Umbrella Pine Tree For Sale UK

Tropical Plants for UK Gardens

Did you listen to Gardener’s Question Time this week? 

Here at Paramount Plants we’re often asked if hardy palms really are hardy enough for a UK climate and this week’s Gardener’s Question Time programme showcased the ‘Jungle Garden’ of Nick Wilson from Leeds, a fine example of just how hardy many of these plants can be. Read more Tropical Plants for UK Gardens