After a reasonably steady start to the summer we all had a week of scorching temperatures last week in the UK, this has now happily settled to the average for this time of the year.
We thought, however, since this was the most popular question we were asked this week that we’d provide you with our top tips for planting successfully during the summer months.
Stick to these 5 golden rules and you won’t go far wrong!

Top 5 Tips For Planting In Hot Weather

1. Give the plant a thorough soaking
A step that is often overlooked, this will make a huge difference to your planting success. Even if the plant’s soil feels dampish, a good soaking will prepare the plant for the changes that will ensue. Get a container larger than the pot size and stand the pot in it, in a shady part of the garden, fill the outer container with water and leave the plant for a couple of hours to have a jolly good drink. This will encourage the plant’s roots to really soak up the water and get properly hydrated.

2. Digging The Hole
While you’re waiting for the plant to fully hydrate, start digging the hole. This should be at least twice the width and depth of the rootball of the plant – we know it’s hard work but trust us, going the extra mile here will reward you with the perfect start for your precious new plant. Line the bottom of the hole with a layer of very moist compost.

Olive Trees Offer and How To Plant Them During The Summer

Olive Trees Offer and How To Plant Them During The Summer

3. Fill The Hole With Water!
Fill the hole to the rim with water and wait for the water to drain away until there is a small puddle left in the bottom. Again this will saturate the surrounding soil – this stodgy pudding will help get the roots established from the outset and give your plant the best start.  If appropriate, now is the time to put in a handful of feed and for those plants that demand to be kept moist as a priority – add some moisture retaining beads to the soil.

Mature Trees Available at Paramount Plants

Mature Trees Available at Paramount Plants

4. Planting The Plant
Before inserting the plant in the hole, remove it from its pot and check the density of the root ball, if it is tightly compacted, then gently loosen the outer roots to encourage them to take hold of the surrounding soil. Place the plant in the centre of the hole and fill with more water. Once it subsides, back-fill the hole with the soil you removed and make sure you press down around the plant to remove any pockets of air, finish by ‘heeling in’ using the heel of your boot gently press down around the stem of the plant.

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Japanese Acers and Cloud Trees For Sale

5. Water, Water, Water!
This comes under after-care…do remember to keep watering your plant, it may take several weeks for it to properly establish (depending on its maturity and size) but making sure your plant is well watered cannot be over-emphasised. Concentrate your hose at the roots and thoroughly soak the surrounding soil.

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Cherry Laurel Full Standard Trees Ready For Planting

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