The Hardy Palm of Choice…
Trachycarpus Wagnerianus is a gem for the English gardener wishing to add an exotic element to their garden design. Also known as the Miniature Chusan Palm they are originally from Japan and Korea and have been bred to withstand virtual hurricane conditions – think of the typhoon season! So they are a great choice if your garden has a windy or exposed outlook. You often see these majestic palms in coastal areas for this reason.

Trachycarpus Wagnerianus or waggy buy online at Paramount Plants

Rare Extra Large Trunks – Trachycarpus Wagnerianus or Miniature Chusan Palm

trachycarpus wagnerianus to buy online

Miniature Chusan Palms to buy online

The beautiful stiff fan shaped leaves give great architectural detail and the more established trees have a gorgeous hairy trunk.
These are such hardy palms – they will withstand a cold snap up to -20 degrees.
We have a new stock of rare ‘Waggies’ with exceptionally large trunks – ideal for creating instant impact – these specimen trees can be bought online and delivered throughout the UK (subject to delivery conditions)

Plus order payments over £250 qualify for free delivery for standard sized trees (2.5 metres and under).

If you’re interested in hardy palms we also have beautiful specimens of Butia Capitata on sale this month