The Wedding Cake Tree

The Wedding Cake Tree shimmering beautifully against a backdrop of lush green


If you wish to light up a sultry spot in the garden, Cornus Controversa Variegata, more commonly known as the Wedding Cake Tree can be relied upon to do the job beautifully. This decorative, ornamental tree has genuine standout value thanks to the glittering beauty of its variegated foliage. The bright green leaves have creamy edges that dazzle when they catch the light.

These spectacular variegated trees have a layered growth habit with long, downward drooping branches. Left to its own devices (it does not need to be pruned) it will naturally develop an elegant form. It is in fact known as the Wedding Cake tree due to its characteristically tiered branches.

While this variety of Cornus – Cornus Controversa Variegata – will not get overly large, reaching a maximum height and spread of three metres, it is best to ensure it has enough space to develop to its full potential and is placed in a specimen position in your garden or landscape.

Cornus Controversa Variegata is a member of the Flowering Dogwood Family of trees and is well suited to the UK climate. You can rest assured it will perform well in UK gardens, having an RHS Award of Garden Merit badge. Like most Dogwood trees, Cornus Controversa Variegata flowers in May producing clusters of tiny white blooms, followed by small black berries which are adored by birds.

Given its apt name,  its natural elegance and its decorative value, these arboreal specimens are a superb and original gift idea for a wedding present or a special wedding anniversary.

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mature wedding cake tree

A mature wedding cake tree in the beautiful gardens of Villa Taranto, Northern Italy