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Feijoa Sellowiana Multistem Tree - 50 Years Old
Our mature Feijoa Sellowiana trees are trained as multi-stemmed trees. These unique trees are 50 years old - specimen trees for instant impact buy UK
Feijoa Sellowiana Multistemmed. Mature 50 year old specimen trees

An exceptional and rare specimen, this Feijoa Sellowiana mature tree is 50 years old! Decades of care have made sure this gorgeous tree formed a thick multi-stemmed trunk with a lush evergreen crown adorning its top. Also known as Pineapple Guava Tree, this cultivar is one of the more exotic varieties and it can be difficult for it to thrive in our climate, but this mature Pineapple Guava Tree has no issues with hardiness - half a century in the United Kingdom does help ensure that a tree is well-used to the climate conditions.

Trained and formed to be a specimen tree rather than part of a hedge, this Feijoa Sellowiana mature tree is ideal to be used as a focus of interest in the garden. The silver, egg-shaped foliage offers interest throughout the year, as the leaves are evergreen. but in May, this gorgeous 50-year-old tree is truly at its best. Masses of exotic blossoms envelop its crown and attract attention as well as pollinators. This mature Pineapple Guava Tree boasts fleshy white and blush pink flowers same as its young relatives, with scarlet red stamens that contrast the shell-like petals. Flowers are followed by fruit, which is edible and well-loved in New Zealand where it originates from- the aromatic and sweet flavor reminds of pineapple and papaya.

With a Feijoa Sellowiana mature tree, you get a fully formed, fully hardy tree without having to wait for decades to get the same results. At 2.5 to 3 metres in height, it is ideally suited for small and large gardens alike, and it has an instant impact on the landscape. After all, you get a gorgeous mature specimen tree overnight! Our mature Pineapple Guava Tree has been thriving for 50 years and it shows. The exotic appearance of this multi-stemmed, silver-leaved tree would fit in perfectly with a Mediterranean themed garden or a rustic garden.

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Plant shape: Multi-stemmed - 50 Years Old
Pot size: 160 Litres
Plant ID: 7778 64
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