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GRO-SURE Feed Tablets

GRO-SURE Feed Tablets - a Slow Release Plant Food Fertiliser
GRO-SURE Feed Tablets Slow Release Plant Food
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Pouch: 160 Gram

No of Tablets: 25

Product Type: Slow Release Fertiliser Tablets

Plant ID: 7955 WC 75

Price: £6.50

GRO-SURE Feed Tablets
Instead of giving your plants just a quick boost, GRO-SURE Feed Tablets slowly release the much-needed nutrients. Once placed in the soil, these plant food tablets release trace elements crucial for the healthy development of foliage and roots over the course of 6 months. With 24 weeks of perfectly timed and constant feeding, your plants will be thriving in every sense of the word. GRO-SURE plant food helps plants build a strong root system to support lush leaves and prolific blooms which are also the effect of this slow-release plant food. While GRO-SURE Feed Tablets can be used in the garden to nurture and invigorate your shrubs, small trees or flowers in beds and borders, their form makes them ideally suited for plants grown in containers, pots, and hanging baskets.

What is a slow-release plant food?
It might look like the main advantage of GRO-SURE Feed Tablets over liquid food for plants is that they are easier to use. You just stick a few tablets in the pot and you are all set for half a year, without the need to repeat the process throughout the growing season. But, while the ease of use certainly is an advantage, it is the process of nutrient release what makes these tablets so special.

Slow release plant food works slowly and steadily to encourage the health of the root system and foliage by releasing trace elements into the soil over a certain period of time, rather than giving the plants just a quick boost. Exact amounts of nutrients are released in the soil, so you do not have to worry about over diluting or overdoing the amount of plant food.

How to use GRO-SURE plant food tablets
All you have to do is place the required number of GRO-SURE Feed Tablets around the plant and push them in the soil to make sure they can work their magic. Water to activate - and that is all! Your precious plants will be getting all the nutrients they need for the next 6 months.

GRO-SURE Feed Tablets do not contain any organic elements so they are not generally attractive to wildlife.

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