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Pinus Mugo Varella Dwarf Pine Conifer

Pinus Mugo Varella - very compact rounded dome shape with very long needles, slow growing dwarf conifers to buy online UK delivery.
Pinus Mugo Varella Dwarf Conifers
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Height Excluding Pot: 30-40cm (0ft 11-1ft 3)

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 3537 12

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Pinus Mugo Varella is a relatively new dwarf pine cultivar of Pinus Mugo, a pine that originates from the mountains of southern and central Europe. Pinus Mugo is a fairly compact tree, so it’s no surprise that its cultivar Varella will grow no taller than 1 metre in ten years. Grown for its slow growth and dwarf stature Dwarf Mountain Pine Varella is one of the globular types of dwarf pine, naturally growing in a tight sphere. 

It is evergreen with glossy green needles of two lengths. The previous year’s growth is the longer of the two, measuring 11cms, with a slight twist, but the current year’s growth appears at the very tips, in tight clusters.This gives this dwarf conifer an interesting tactile texture not often found on perennial foliage.  

How Hardy Is Pinus Mugo Varella                  
Pinus Mugo Varella is amongst the hardiest plants you can buy in the UK. It will withstand sub zero temperature and is heat tolerant. 

How To Use Pinus Mugo Varella                  
Dwarf pines are popular additions to a rock garden where their low growing nature and globe-shape lends structure. When placed near white stones or a white background Pinus Mugo Varella’s green needles sharply contrast and lift the scene. These conifers are evergreen, bringing a dark green sheen to all types of garden in bare winter months. A few of these in the border gives definition during the summer and colour in the winter. They make great shelters for insect and wildlife. 

The hardy nature of Dwarf Mountain Pine Varella makes it an ideal choice for exposed windy conditions, and coastal gardens - all breezy open areas benefit from this tough conifer. If you need some colour and shape on the patio, try planting these in large containers and water well in dry spells. They can be moved to suit an empty area as the seasons progress, or left on a patio to soften the edges. Team it with Black Pine Spielburg, which is pyramid shaped, for year round colour and structure. 

How To Care For Pinus Mugo Varella                  
Very little care is need by this tough mountain pine. It does not require pruning, although you can shape it as you wish, and it withstands the elements with grace. Any soil type is suitable and it will grow well in most situations, though it does prefer some sun. A balanced fertiliser in the spring will encourage fresh new growth.

Dwarf Mountain Pine Varella is an excellent choice for gardeners who want a small evergreen with interesting needles and a strong architectural shape. Perfect for rock gardens, with wider use throughout a garden that needs a framework, this is a tough and fascinating little cultivar. 

See also other Dwarf Pine varieties, such as Pinus Mugo Mops, Pinus Mugo Nana, Pinus Mugo Winter Gold and Pinus Mugo Pumilio. Lots more dwarf conifers in our collection of low-growing plants.

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