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Pinus Strobus Blue Shag

Pinus Strobus Blue Shag is an Eastern White Pine and has blue green long needles and a dense globular habit, slow growing and very attractive conifer, buy UK.
Pinus Strobus Blue Shag is an Eastern White Pine
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Height Excluding Pot:
30-40cm (0ft 11-1ft 3)

Pot size: 3 Litres

Plant ID: 7821 1
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Height Excluding Pot:
60-70cm (1ft 11-2ft 3)

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Pinus Strobus Blue Shag r Eastern White Pine Blue Shag is a dwarf cultivar of the Eastern White Pine which has been developed to be suitable for small gardens. This new version of an old landscape favourite will fit into even the smallest space!

The Eastern White Pine has been grown in the UK since the 18th Century, but as it is a very tall tree, it is only suitable for the largest of gardens or parks. Pinus Strobus Blue Shag was developed at the University of Connecticut as a dwarf conifer which can be used in smaller gardens to great advantage. The variety has distinctly blue foliage needles. The blue-green evergreen needles grow in bunches of 5, and are soft to the touch. After 5-10 years Eastern White Pine Blue Shag produces long, tapered cylindrical cones around 20cm long which turn from green to brown as they mature.

Fully hardy in all parts of the UK and across continental Europe, Pinus Strobus Blue Shag will grow to a mature height and spread of just 1.5 metres in 10 years. It naturally forms an attractive rounded shape and requires pruning only to remove dead or damaged branches. If it is necessary to limit the size, remove only the current year’s growth, as it will not respond well to hard pruning. Your Eastern White Pine Blue Shag should live for at least 50 years.

Plant Pinus Strobus Blue Shag in full sun in a sheltered position with any aspect, in well-drained sand or loam soil, preferably acid to neutral. While it might do well in a well-amended clay soil, it will not thrive in a shallow chalk soil. Water regularly for the first year or two, but once Eastern White Pine Blue Shag is established, it is drought-tolerant.This White Pine cultivar is salt tolerant, and so is suited to coastal regions, but is susceptible to pollution and is not recommended for city gardens. However, it is an excellent choice for country properties, as it is deer and rabbit resistant. Pinus Strobus Blue Shag is a good shrub for foundation plantings, as it will never grow out of bounds and will provide reliable foliage throughout the year. It works well in gravel or rock gardens, and can also be planted in containers.

Pinus Strobus Blue Shag brings the beauty of the white pine to even the smallest spots! This versatile small, round shrub will add year-round interest in a compact package to your garden.

The Eastern White Pine is sometimes known as Weymouth Pine after Lord Weymouth who planted this pine who planted this pine throughout the UK in the 18th century. See also other Dwarf Pine varieties, such as Pinus Nigra Nana Dwarf Pine, Pinus Nigra Pierrick Bregeon, Pinus Mugo Winter Gold and Pinus Mugo Pumilio. Lots more dwarf conifers in our collection of low-growing plants.

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