Why Autumn is the Best Time to Plant Hedges

We’ve said goodbye to August and what a wet one it has been, but that has quite some advantages for the gardener. September is the beginning of what we feel is the very best month for planting – autumn is really the ideal season for planting all shrubs and especially mature trees and it is definitely the best time to plant hedges.
The ground is nice and warm from all the summer months of solar heating and it is wonderfully moist from the rain and the dew. These are the perfect planting conditions, especially for hedging.
Now is the time to prepare the ground and to order hedging plants. We have our largest collection of hedging stock available in September and our hedging rootball plants will be arriving over the next few weeks – if you’ve ordered them from us already, we’ll be emailing you delivery dates by the end of this month at the latest. (Read more here about hedging rootballs and why they are so much cheaper to buy when you need quantities of hedging plants).

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How To Prepare For Planting Hedges
First of all, make sure you dig the ground over to get some air into the soil and loosen up any compacted soil, add plenty of mulch and dig it well in, to get the new hedging shrubs off to a good start. Planting in September will mean that the roots have time to settle in and really connect with the surrounding soil, for perfect root growth.

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Prepare the Plants for Planting
Most importantly – and something often overlooked – water them a few hours before you plant, especially with rootballs or containerised plants, remove from the container and immerse the plants up to the stem in water. Rootballs will be covered in hessian and can just be completely immersed – the roots should be covered with water. Leave them for a couple of hours to have a really good drink.

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Preparing the Hole
Dig the hole at least half as big again as the rootball of the plant and fill the hole with water and allow it to drain away completely, add a small amount of mulch in the bottom of the hole and carefully place the plant’s rootball into the hole. The hole should be deep enough for the rootball to sit inside and the soil level to match the plant’s containerised level. Fill in around the root with soil or compost and ‘heel’ the plant in, all the way around the base of the shrub, with the heel of your boot, to remove any pockets of air. Now water them again to make sure the roots are fully hydrated.

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Care After Planting
If you must trim – please only do so lightly – for tidying purposes, there are still a good few weeks of growing time and this new growth will help feed the plant for the coming winter months. Do make sure the newly planted shrub is watered. Even in September we can get dry spells – remember to water!

Now your hedge will have the greatest start – a few weeks of settling and growing in the warmth of the autumn days, gradually getting hardened with the colder nights, lying dormant for the winter – all ready for fabulous Spring growth!

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