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Root ball Hedging Plants
In the UK during the coldest months of the year between November to March trees and shrubs which are normally available to buy in pots can also be purchased as rootballs. This basically means that the plant will be supplied with a proper root system in tact but without the pot.

Why can root ball trees and shrubs only be purchased during the coldest months?
In the coldest months of the year the plant is dormant (sleeping). When the plant is dormant it allows tree specialists to lift plants safely without the risk of the plant going into shock. The plant is specially prepared by cutting out a round ball of soil surrounding the root of the plant. This ball of soil is then usually covered in hessian to give extra protection to the rootball. Once the weather warms up significantly in Spring (generally end of March) the roots of plants will start growing again. Rootballed plants need to either be planted in the ground by early Spring or be potted into containers.

What types of plants are available as rootballs?
During the autumn and winter months evergreen hedging is the most popular type of plant planted by gardeners and landscapers in root ball form.

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What are the benefits of root balled plants?

The benefit of root ball hedging plants is that they are generally available at a reduced price compared to potted plants. If a customer needs large quantities of hedging then the cost savings can be significant using root balled plants provided they are planted  in the ground between November and March.

What do I need to consider when planting rootballed plants?
Have a look at these photos of these evergreen rootballs. The only difference to containerised plants is that they will be supplied without the pot and soil. This means that they should be planted into the ground as soon as possible– ideally within a few days of delivery. If there is extreme frost, then the rootball of the plant should be protected with horticultural fleece (or old blankets) if it cannot be immediately planted. If the ground is solid with frost then planting may need to be avoided temporarily until the soil has thawed. The plants will usually have a biodegradable hessian sack covering the soil of the rootball and on larger plants this will have wiring securing this in place. This hessian and wiring should NOT be removed when planting. This protective wrapping will decompose naturally over time. After planting it is recommended to mulch the beds –mulch or mix can be purchased in ready made bags (comprises of composted bark,leafmould, manure and fenland soil) mulch will increase the moisture levels in the soil and prevent the soil above from drying out.

Osmanthus Tricolour detail of Root Ball Plant

Osmanthus Tricolour detail of the Root Ball Plant | Buy Root Balls Online for UK Delivery


Watering is essential. A leaky hose should be installed along the length of the new hedge to ensure watering is thorough right down beyond the top of the soil direct to the root ball. A timer will ideally by installed to come on in the early evenings. Watering may need to be avoided in extreme frost but once the soil thaws the ground should be watered. As soon as the weather warms up then watering with the leaky hose around a couple of hours to soak through to the roots. Bear in mind that you can sometimes over water a plant but drought is nearly always the reason a plant will fail. Regular checks of the hedge made a couple of times per week is the best way forward. Things to check for would be wilting of leaves or yellowing both of which can be an indication that you may need to address the watering (it could be more or less watering – check the soil). The first 18 months of planting are crucial to the establishment of the root system. Feeding with a liquid or granular feed during the growing months (April-Sept) is recommended at least four times a year.

Root Ball Hedging Special Offers
Check out our special offer prices for root balled evergreen hedgingthese offers are only available until April each year (after this time, these plants are then potted or have already been sold) so please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in planting this type of hedging!

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