This is the time of the year when we get so many enquiries about hedging plants. Those of you who regularly read our blog will know that hedging and evergreen screening is one of our top specialities. And we have lots of choice to offer of course – in a wide variety of sizes, whether you are looking for an instant evergreen screen or are prepared to be a little more patient while your hedge grows.

One of our favourite hedging plants and one of the most popular with our customers is Cherry Laurel Hedging (Prunus Laurocerasus). Take a look at this lovely specimen – a gorgeous cherry Laurel hedge growing along a north-facing wall. Neatly clipped, this lovely, dense Cherry Laurel hedge creates a luscious wall of green and gives absolute privacy. This particular hedge is about 3.5 metres tall, but it could grow to 4.0 Metres if desired. It is around half a metre wide.

Cherry Laurel Hedging

Cherry Laurel Hedging – circa 3.5 metres tall

Cherry Laurel Hedge

Cherry Laurel Hedge – luxuriant foliage close up

Cherry Laurel Hedging looks good all year round. It is evergreen with a nice dense growing habit and it reacts very well to pruning and trimming. As you can see, it does not show any woody bits, unlike many other hedges. Surprising as it may seem, this hedge does not require a lot of maintenance – it just needs to be trimmed no more than twice year.

Our Offers on Cherry Laurel Hedging Plants:
These cherry laurel hedging plants have been grown especially with hedging in mind.

Offer 1 – 1.4 – 1.6 Metre tall Cherry Laurel Hedging Plants in a wide and bushy shape, now only £24 each. If you have a large area to cover, Buy 50 plants in this size for only £1,000

Offer 2 – If you prefer larger sizes so you don’t need to wait so long for your hedge, we have 1.75 Metre tall Cherry Laurel Hedging Plants – also wide and bushy shape:
Buy 10 plants for only £720

Looking for something bigger?
We also have 2.0 Metre tall Cherry Laurel Hedging Plants. Again, these Cherry Laurels are a nice bushy shape – a real substantial size to help get your cherry laurel hedge off to a flying start.
Buy this size Cherry Laurel for £85 each

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED Cherry Laurel Etna ?
One of the most ornamental varieties of Laurel. Cherry Laurel Etna has all the excellent hedging characteristics of the Cherry Laurel but with the added benefits of very attractive foliage (new shoots are red), a profuse bloomer (tiny white powerfully aromatic flowers) and an even more compact growing habit than Cherry Laurel. We have Cherry Laurel Etna now available as rootballed plants (not containerised) offering really excellent value for money.

Offer 3 – 1.75 Metre tall Cherry Laurel Etna (rootballed not potted) in a wide and bushy shape:
Buy 10 plants for only £660

Offer 4 – 2.0 Metre tall Cherry Laurel Etna (rootballed not potted) in a wide and bushy shape:
Buy 10 plants for only £950

Cherry Laurel Etna Hedging

Cherry Laurel Etna Hedging – left to right: 2.0 Metre tall; 1.75 Metre tall and 1.5 Metre tall sizes

Lots more hedging on the website! All our hedging plants are available to buy online. We delivery UK wide.