If you need hardy dense evergreen screening that looks good all year round, Cherry Laurel Hedging is a perfect choice. Cherry Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus) is fast growing, hardy and does well in exposed areas as it withstands high winds very well and thrives in coastal areas. Extremely versatile, Cherry Laurel hedging also grows very well in the shade. It makes an ideal formal hedge and comes into its own when used as a formal evergreen screen over a large space.

Cherry Laurel Hedging

Cherry Laurel Hedging – clipped as a formal hedge

The Cherry Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus) is a large leafed evergreen that lends itself well to being pruned, which should be done regularly. It has lovely glossy green leaves and scented white flowers from April to May. The Cherry Laurel produces red berries in the summer which turn black once ripe. Cherry laurel berries are a particular favourite of blackbirds!

The Cherry Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus) is most popularly used as evergreen hedging  and is a faster grower than its cousin the smaller leaf Portuguese Laurel. Cherry Laurel hedging tends to be thick and dense in habit and makes a hardy hedge with attractive glossy foliage all year round. The new leaves in particular are a lovely light green. Cherry Laurel has been awarded the RHS Perfect for Pollinators badge as well as the prestigious Award of Garden Merit.

Cherry Laurel is an ideal hedge for large spaces and is extremely versatile in terms of growing conditions – thriving in sun or shade, shelter or windblown. This mature cherry laurel hedge pictured below is thriving in its coastal environment against a shady North facing wall. It needs a light trim which it will get in the next week or so. It was last trimmed in April so although they are fast growing, these dense hedges are quite manageable.

Cherry Laurel Hedging

Cherry Laurel Hedging – all sizes available

A Cherry Laurel Hedge looks good all year round. It is evergreen with a nice dense growing habit and it reacts very well to pruning and trimming.

The Cherry Laurel has year round attractive glossy foliage

The Cherry Laurel has year round attractive glossy foliage

In terms of size, we always have lots of choice. Our wide variety of sizes usually starts at 80 cm right up to a massive 3 metres tall. We very often have special deals when you buy 50 plants in bulk so its always worth checking the Paramount Plants website. We like to think that whether you are looking for an instant evergreen screen or are prepared to be a little more patient while your hedge grows, we’ve got the best solution for your budget.

Cherry Laurel Hedging is one of a trio of great evergreen hedging plants we recommend. Watch Tom’s 3 minute video of 3 great plant choices for an enviable evergreen hedge.


One of the most ornamental varieties of Laurel, Etna has all the excellent hedging characteristics of the Cherry Laurel but with the added benefits of very attractive foliage (new shoots are red).It is a profuse bloomer (tiny white powerfully aromatic flowers) and has an even more compact growing habit than Cherry Laurel.

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