Focal Points in the Garden by Myles Challis

Myles Challis, Garden Designer for Paramount Plants and Gardens.
Regardless of the style of our garden or the type of plants it contains every garden should have a focal point.

Tree ferns as a focal point in garden design
Tree fern beds make a great focal point

Very large gardens which may be split into different areas may need more than one.

Mediterranean Garden Design
Mediterranean Garden Design

A focal point can be anything from a specimen plant to a feature such as a statue or a seat perhaps under an arbour. Whatever is appropriate will make a marked difference and complete the garden.

Garden seating can create a focal point
Garden seating can create a focal point

The position of your focal point should be given careful consideration but could be in at the centre or end of the garden. In small gardens it may consist of a single striking specimen plant or a piece of sculpture, but in larger gardens be something as big as an island bed.

Tree Fern Bed as a Focal Point
Architectural Plants as a Focal Point

Without a focal point a garden is missing its highlight. The eye needs to be directed to what should be its most interesting feature otherwise it is left to wander aimlessly…

Cedar Trees for sale online
Cedar Tree Underplanted – large trees make good focal points

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