Though you may not always be conscious of it, one of the main features which makes a garden particularly appealing is its surroundings. By this I mean the neighbouring houses and buildings being screened from view by strategic perimeter planting.

Mature evergreen screening creates privacy in your garden.

Use mature evergreen screening to effectively create privacy in your garden.

A feeling of privacy is very desirable in any garden and it is well worth putting in an effort to achieve this sense of cosy seclusion. The smaller the garden generally the easier this is to achieve, and owners of large gardens may have to be content with just one secluded area.

Mature Evergreen Trees can offer instant screening:
When it comes to screening plants, mature evergreen trees are obviously preferable. Evergreen trees will hide any taller buildings, while shrubs will hide ugly fences and / or walls. Trees such as the Ligustrum Japonicum, the Standard Photinia Red Robin (more usually seen as a hedge), the Evergreen Oak – Quercus Ilex (aka Holm Oak) and Magnolia Grandiflora are all ideal subjects.

Evergreen Shrubs such as the Camellia Sasanqua, Rhododendrons, Variegated Euonymus, Osmanthus Fragrans (Sweet Olive) and Nandina Domestica are good choices for softening or covering walls or fences and for introducing fragrance and/or colour.

Once you have created this screening, you then have a wonderful backdrop for your very own green oasis.

Our Mature Evergreen Trees for Screening in Stock:
Paramount Plants specialises in mature evergreen trees for instant screening. Our most popular specimens include the Leyland Cypress, one of the fastest and easiest ways to create an instant wall of green.

Mature Evergreen Trees such as the Leyland Cypress is ideal for instant screening

Mature Evergreen Trees such as the Leyland Cypress provides fantastic evergreen screening

Also very popular for hedging is the mature Thuja Plicata.

Ideal for evergreen hedging is the mature bamboo plant. We have in stock black and golden bamboo trees in various sizes up to 2.5 metres high. 

Mature Black Bamboo screening creates a backdrop for your garden oasis

Mature Black Bamboo screening helps create a backdrop for an oasis of green

If you are specifically looking for above hedge screening, consider our full standard evergreen trees with long trunks (circa 2 metres) making them ideal for creating a wall of green above the fence line or wall.

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