Paramount Plants and Gardens – FREE garden design service

by Myles Challis – in-house Garden Designer at Paramount Plants
Few people would take the chance and lack of consultation when it comes to “interior design” that they often do when planning their gardens. An individual may have green fingers when it comes to growing plants, but arranging them to their best advantage, and in a way that will not only last but multiply with time, is a much more highly skilled job.

London Garden Design and Landscaping by Paramount Plants
Garden Design and Landscaping by Paramount Plants | Free Design Service

Expert advice in whatever field of course carries a price, but not an unreasonable one when considering the many years of experience behind it.  Nowadays more than ever, as any estate agent will point out, the surroundings (ie gardens/landscaping) around a property play a significant role in the value and particularly saleability of that property and therefore any monies spent on a design service are a worthwhile investment.

Free garden design service from London garden centre
Free Garden Design Service by Myles Challis at Paramount Plants

When it comes to preparing a garden design, a fee is usually payable for the plans/design, and then a separate fee is payable for the plants, materials and labour etc which is either carried out by a landscaping team with the garden designer or the client’s separate contractors.

Free Garden Design and Landscaping - London Garden Centre
Garden Design and Landscaping by Paramount Plants & Gardens

At Paramount Plants and Gardens our consultation for garden design is FREE and we can provide the whole package from Garden Design through to landscaping/planting.  After a FREE consultation with the client to assess as accurately as possible the needs and requirements our FREE GARDEN DESIGN service can be booked (subject to us taking a deposit towards our plants to be purchased over £1500)  See our further terms for details.  This FREE GARDEN DESIGN SERVICE includes preparation of a ground plan (detailing the layout of the plants in the garden) and a visual design.
Email or call us on 020 8367 8809 to book in your free consultation.