Ilex Crenata Hedging:
Given the difficulties many UK gardeners are having with Box Hedging, we would like discuss the merits of  an Ilex Crenata Hedge or Japanese Holly Hedging as a superior alternative to box hedge.   Ilex Crenata (Japanese Holly) is best known in the UK as the perfect topiary plant. Its compact growing habit and small leaves make it ideal for topiary shaping. Luckily, these characteristics also make Ilex Crenata an ideal and very handsome hedge plant. Japanese Holly Hedging lends itself very well to clipping into a nice formal hedge shape.

Ilex Crenata Hedging or Japanese Holly Hedging

Japanese Holly Hedging Maxima, another Ilex Crenata Hedging Alternative to Box

As a hedging plant, Ilex Crenata (Japanese Holly) is perhaps better known in North America where it is recognised as a hardier alternative to Buxus Sempervirens (Box) and is not susceptible to the dreaded Box Blight.

Most of us in the UK are perhaps more familiar with seeing Ilex Crenata (Japanese Holly) in the form of beautiful cloud trees, crafted after the ancient Japanese art. It’s worth keeping in mind that this lovely evergreen Japanese Holly plant is highly commendable for use as hedging.

Ilex Crenata (Japanese Holly) is similar in looks to Boxwood, with the added advantage that Ilex Crenata is blight resistant, Box Blight being an unfortunate weakness of Box plants in some areas of the UK. Ilex Crenata hedging is low maintenance and can be clipped as little as once per year. New foliage growth is an attractive lighter green.

Ilex Crenata Maxima is an excellent addition to the range of Ilex Crenata varieties already commercially available, such as Ilex Crenata Convexa. Ilex Crenata Maxima is a very compact grower with fresh green and shiny leaves. Its compact growth habit and any pruning quickly creates a compact plant, making it very suitable for tight hedges and for use as borders in flower beds.

These particular Ilex Crenata Maxima hedging plants are available in all sizes from 30 cm right up to 1.75 metres tall (excluding the pot size) and have a nice bushy shape, thus perfect for hedging.
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