We have selected five of our favourite plants flowering in May, guaranteed to add instant colour to your garden.  You can buy direct from our online shop. We deliver UK wide.

Viburnum Plicatum Mariesii

Viburnum Plicatum Mariesii

First up, the lovely Viburnum Plicatum Mariesii.
With its masses of beautiful white flowers, not dissimilar to the Hydrangea, Viburnum Plicatum Mariesii is a deciduous plant with a low growing & tiered habit. With its bright green new foliage, Viburnum Mariesii is a most attractive ground cover. Viburnum Mariesii will continue to flower throughout June. Available in sizes of circa 50 cm tall.

Plants flowering in May - Magnolia Seiboldii

Magnolia Seiboldii

Magnolia Seiboldii is perhaps less well known that it’s Spring flowering relatives. Magnolia Sieboldii flowers in early Summer. Blooming now, it has impressive pendular large white fragrant flowers with a coloured centre. Magnolia Sieboldii will continue to flower intermittently throughout the summer.

Choisya Ternata (Mexican Mock Orange)

Choisya Ternata (Mexican Mock Orange)

Choisya Ternata (Mexican Mock Orange)
The evergreen Choisya Ternata is flowering now in May. Choisya Ternata can sometimes have a second burst of flower in late summer or autumn. The fragrant white flowers are star shaped and contrast beautifully with the rich dark green of the foliage. Happy in a sunny position or in partial shade. Available now a lovely bushy shape, circa 80 cm tall.

 Rhaphiolepis Indica Springtime (Indian Hawthorn) - Buy one get one Free!

Rhaphiolepis Indica Springtime  – Buy one get one Free!

Rhaphiolepis Indica Springtime (Indian Hawthorn)
Our gorgeous Rhaphiolepis are half standard and shaped as lollipops. Now flowering with blooms in a soft shade of pink, this is a very attractive evergreen shrub and can be relied upon to produce a generous crop of flowers.

And last but certainly not least, Azalea Mollis Whitethroat, a deciduous azalea that flowers later than other azalea varieties. Around May time, it will produce masses of pure white funnel-shaped flowers with a sweet fragrance.

Plants Flowering in May - Azalea Mollis Whitethroat

Azalea Mollis Whitethroat in bloom