Caragana Arborescens Walker

The lovely Caragana Arborescens Walker in flower, dwarf weeping tree


Weeping Trees with their naturally pendulous habit always seem to add a sense of mystique to the garden or landscape. Perhaps because their trailing growth habit goes against the grain of regular trees whose branches naturally reach for the skies. Although it can be said that some weeping trees require a large space to fulfil their majestic potential, there are many options suited to the smaller garden. Let’s take a closer look!


Weeping Beech is among the best loved of pendulous trees with its characteristically cascading sweeping branches and pendulous presence. Weeping beech (Fagus Sylvatica Pendula) does however need space to freely develop as nature intended and may grow to 12 metres high and 8 metres wide over 30 years.

A smaller and more slender variety is the beautiful Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea Pendula (Weeping Purple Beech) with its striking young red foliage in springtime, maturing through to purple and finally copper gold in the autumn.

Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea Pendula

Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea Pendula (Weeping Purple Beech)


Another good mid-sized deciduous weeping tree is Betula Utilis Pendula (or Weeping Silver Birch) which will grow to a maximum of 4 metres. The weeping variety has a beautiful dome shape. Like all members of the silver birch family, Betula Utilis Pendula comes complete with delicate silver foliage and its trademark white trunk.

If you have a smaller garden or more limited space, there are many smaller deciduous weeping trees you can consider. Among these is Caragana Arborescens Walker, a dwarf weeping tree with attractive green foliage and hanging pea-like flowers. Amazingly, this highly ornamental weeper (sometimes known as the Weeping Pea Tree) won’t get larger than 1.5 metres (in both height and spread).


Cedrus Deodara Aurea Pendula (Weeping Himalayan Cedar) is a slow growing evergreen weeping cedar with beautiful foliage that emerges light green changing to dark green as it ages. Its pendulous trailing growth habit makes this a natural and most attractive focal point. Again, this is an excellent mid-sized weeper that should reach a maximum height of 2.5 metres and a spread of 3 metres.

Cedrus Deodara Aurea Pendula

Beautiful foliage of the weeping Weeping Himalayan Cedar


A spectacular focal point tree, Sequoiadendron Giganteum Pendulum (Weeping Giant Sequoia Tree), related as it is to the giant redwoods, is an evergreen large weeping tree that will require some space. Its branches tend to stay close to the trunk, which undulates as it ages. Our specimen Weeping Giant Sequoia Trees are mature and already over 4 metres tall.

Juniperus Communis Horstmann is a pendulous variety of the common Juniper tree. This is a slow growing evergreen weeper with lovely greeny-blue needles. Available in a nice half standard shape, standing circa 1.8 metres tall. Allow 21 days for delivery of this tree.

Juniperus Communis Horstmann, a pendulous variety of common Juniper

Juniperus Communis Horstmann, a pendulous variety of common Juniper