We really love Wisteria as any followers of our Facebook page will know…
So we’re delighted to introduce this stunning and unusual, pale pink variety commonly known as Wisteria Pink Ice which is a glorious addition to our expanding Wisteria collection.

This variety of Japanese Wisteria Rosea is one of the rare pink varieties and is fully hardy and withstanding temperatures down to circa -15 C

Wisteria Sinensis Pink Ice for sale online, London UK

Wisteria Sinensis Pink Ice

A vigorous climber Wisteria Floribunda Honbeni (also known as Rosea and Pink Ice) will grow to a mature height of 30 feet with a 15 ft spread but they are slower growing than other varieties which means they are particularly suited to a smaller garden – they look simply gorgeous grown over an archway or pergola or clambering up the front of a house – but our favourite way to grow them is by allowing them to grow up into a large tree – the pendulous flowers cascade through the branches and the scent is heavenly.

As with all Wisteria varieties the best way to encourage prolific blooming in late Spring/early summer is to prune them back after flowering, really you can’t go wrong with the pruning – as even a hardy trim back will encourage a spurt of growth and lots
of flowers in the next season.

Pea shaped flowers of Wisteria Pink Ice available to buy online, London UK

Pea shaped flowers of Wisteria Pink Ice

Wisteria Pink Ice flowers are almost a translucent pink with a distinctive pea shaped flower and a heart of gold, these delicate flowers fade as they open and will often produce a second flush of flowering although less profusely in late summer.

Paramount has a huge collection of climbers and the following selection of Wisterias:

Wisteria Floribunda Alba – white flowering Wisteria
Wisteria Floribunda Domino – pale blue flowering
Wisteria Floribunda Prolific – purple flowering

Wisteria’s are often used as part of a Japanese inspired garden design – if you’re creating a Japanese garden – please view our collection of Japanese Acers – all our plants are available to buy online from our webshop with Nationwide UK delivery