Now is the Best Time For Planting Trees
Today is exactly the middle of January, it has been one of the mildest (albeit one of the wettest) winters for many a year. The current weather forecast is set fair for more of the same, over the coming couple of weeks at least…
With this mild temperature the soil is relatively warm and moist – perfect planting weather!
Now is absolutely the best time for planting out mature trees, hedging and evergreen screening.
One of our Fastest Growing Trees
One of our all-round favourites are Thuja Plicata – commonly known as Thuja trees. They have a beautiful depth of colour, deep green and dense leaves typical of conifers and they provide a very substantial screen for unsightly views, areas for demarcation and even shielding out sound to a certain extent.

Fast Growing trees - Thuya Plicata Hedging

Thuja Plicata – One of our Fastest Growing Trees

Pruning Evergreen Screening Trees
The beauty of these trees is that they are easily pruned and they retain their greenery in the process, if you allow a Leylandii tree, for example, to bolt and then try to prune it you can finish up with rather unsightly dead patches inside the branches that take ages to recover.
Thuya trees are much more forgiving – they can be pruned regularly or occasionally and retain their beautiful green leaves throughout. Furthermore, they smell deliciously fragrant – of pineapples – when you brush past them or cut the leaves.
They are extremely fast growing so you have the choice – buy smaller trees and let them mature in place or for instant screening – go for the mature Thuja Plicata trees.

Thuya Plicata Hedging - Buy Fast Growing Thuja Trees online UK

Thuja Plicata Stock for Paramount Plants

We have a wide range in stock of varying sizes and some great deals when you buy in bulk.

Thuja Brabant Trees for sale UK

Thuja Brabant Trees

Our Brabant columnar shaped Thuja’s look very majestic when planted as an avenue or screen.

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