The formal garden is a centuries old garden design which is mainly associate with 17th Century French chateau gardens. The French gardens were in fact imported and developed from the ideals of the Italian Renaissance gardens – these were created in the Italian manor houses and villas of a much earlier period.

Formal garden design using box hedges for the parterres

Box hedges form the parterres

Using symmetrical lines and geometric shapes, parterres (low clipped hedges) form the basis of the design and the premise is displaying order over nature.
The parterres are usually created using Box (buxus) or yew (taxus baccata) for the hedges and subtly chosen color combinations for the flowering plants to fill the design.

Formal gardens using box hedges

Geometric designs – the basis of the Formal Garden

Topiary trees add an architectural dimension. Ponds, fountains and marble or stone sculptures are used to create sound, movement and symbolism.

Marble Statuary in the Formal Garden

Formal Garden Design | Statuary and Topiary

Formal garden fountain with parterres

Formal garden fountain with parterres

Buxus (box hedges) and taxus baccata (Irish Yew) are slow growing and easy to trim into shape. Scented perennials and herbs make romantic fillers for the geometric shapes – we recommend lavender and santolina
Topiary trees formalise the structure and punctuate the hedges – try using taxus baccatta cones or globes and buxus spirals or pyramids.
Variations of colour accentuate the design and give depth: Cuprusses Goldcrest spirals for yellow hues, Buxus globes for bright green and Photinia topiary for red/copper shades, Cupressus castlewellan aurea yields deep green hues, as a bonus – all these plants are evergreen and the essential design creates year round interest.

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Photinia Red Robin Pyramid | Cupressus Goldcrest Spirals | Buxus Globes | Taxus Baccata Cones

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Architectural planting

Yew Columns with Aliums

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