Pale Lilac Hydrangea Macrophylla

Pale Lilac Hydrangea Macrophylla

Hydrangeas (Hortensea) will continue to flower from mid Summer right up until September. We have lots of Hydrangeas to choose from – be it the more traditional mopheads or the elegant Hydrangea Paniculata.

The best known hydrangeas are Hydrangea Macrophylla which originated in Japan. Hydrangea Macrophylla can have 2 flower types – mophead or lacecap. The Hydrangea Macrophylla mopheads have lovely large leaves and tend to grow in a neat dome shape. They are most prized however for their large, round showy mop-like flowers. Our Hydrangea Macrophylla are available in vibrant blues and pinks.

Hydrangea Macrophylla with Lacecap flowers have rounder, flatter flower heads such as the stunning Hydrangea Macrophylla Dark Angel.

Hydrangea Macrophylla Dark Angel

First bloom of the year on this Hydrangea Macrophylla Dark Angel

White Flowering Hydrangeas such as Hydrangea Annabelle are proving very popular this summer. Less well known are perhaps the Hydrangea Paniculata with their very showy panicles of white flowers. These tend to be taller and more upright the Hydrangea Macrophylla. Examples include Hydrangea Paniculata Grandiflora and Hydrangea Paniculata Vanille Fraise (creamy white with a tinge of pink).

Hydrangea Annabelle

Flowering Now – Hydrangea Annabelle

Tree Form Hydrangeas (Half Standards):
Ideal for ornamental trees, our half standard hydrangeas these have an elegant form and a nice, long straight trunk of close to 1 metre. Choose from the stunning Hydrangea Paniculata Limelight in the form of a half standard tree.
Hydrangea Paniculata Vanille Fraise is also available as a half standard.
Read more on Tree Form Hydrangeas on our recent blog.

For low growing hydrangeas, try White Flowering Hydrangea Quercifolia which has a spreading habit. If you need a hydrangea that is extra hardy, the Hydrangea Serrata Bluebird is a good choice. The Hydrangea Serrata varieties originated from the mountain regions of East Asia. As a result, they are very hardy and tend to be smaller and more compact than Hydrangea Macrophylla.

White Flowering Hydrangea Quercifolia

White Flowering Hydrangea Quercifolia

Climbing Hydrangeas
Hydrangea Petiolaris Miranda is deciduous climber that will also grow in shade. Currently on special offer!

True to their origins as mainly deciduous woodland plants, Hydrangeas generally do best in partial or dappled shade. They do require lots of water while flowering so do give them a good soaking regularly. They also tend to do well in containers – but again you must ensure that they get plenty of water during the flowering season.