The evergreen Taxus Baccata (common yew or English yew) is native to the UK. Thanks to its dense branching habit, the Taxus Baccata has long been used as an ornamental plant in English gardens, especially valued for topiary and for hedging. Yews (Taxus Baccata) lend themselves very well to all kinds of topiary including Taxus Baccata Yew Spiral and Taxus Baccata cones or pyramids.

A pair of Taxus Baccata Lollipop (aka Yew Lollipop) Trees over 1 M High

Taxus Baccata Half Standard Lollipop (aka Yew Lollipop) Trees

Our Taxus Baccata Half Standard Lollipop trees are perfect for adding that formal touch to your garden, patio or roof terrace. Taxus Baccata Yew Trees in half standard Lollipop shape are easy to maintain and a trim twice per year will keep them in shape.

These lovely English Yew specimens are well over 1 metre high with a trunk height of circa 80 cm. Shaped as lollipops, these premium topiary yew trees look particularly good when planted in pairs.

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