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Better Buxus Skylight Blight Resistant Box

Blight Resistant Buxus Variety

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Buxus Skylight
Blight resistant Better Buxus Skylight is a new evergreen variety of blight-resistant box with a faster than average growth rate. It’s a good choice for topiary spheres and tall box hedges.

Over ten years Belgian plant breeder Herplant have bred four new varieties of blight-resistant box.  These hybrids are the Betterbuxus range with individual varieties named Skylight, Renaissance, Babylon Beauty, and Heritage. Of the four new blight-resistant box hybrids, Skylight is the fastest growing. It has tiny evergreen foliage in mid-green that grows a shade lighter in spring before maturing to match the established branches. In spring, small pale flowers may also appear. Box Skylight is a great choice for topiary, fast hedges and patio containers in blight-hit areas.

Height And Spread of Buxus Skylight
Blight resistant buxus Skylight is the fastest growing of the Betterbuxus range but can be kept at your preferred height with 2-3 trims a year.

How Hardy Is Buxus Skylight
Hardy box Skylight can withstand sub-zero temperatures if its roots are well-drained. Due to its breeding, it is naturally resistant to blight.

How To Use Buxus Skylight
This is a tall type of box that creates excellent forgiving topiary and forms a mid-height hedge in less time than other box varieties. Use it around the garden in borders, as a dividing parterre, or in a well-watered and fed container on the decking.

How To Care for Buxus Skylight
Blight resistant box Skylight tolerates the majority of soils including sandy and clay types if it is well-drained. As with most box, Skylight enjoys sun to partial shade and you should keep it well watered until established.
To keep box Skylight in good shape trim it 2-3 times a year with clean shears. There is no need to use fungal treatment on Skylight as it is bred for blight resistance. The Betterbuxus range can also withstand box caterpillar attacks, quickly regreening after appropriate treatment.
Mulch the roots in spring and feed with specialist box food to encourage health and the best glossy foliage.

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