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Crataegus Persimilis - Hawthorn Tree

Crataegus Persimilis or Hawthorn Tree, quality trees for sale online UK delivery.
Crataegus Persimilis with autumn leaves and berries
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Height Excluding Pot:
80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Plant shape: 4 Branches

Bare Root

Plant ID: 2984 2
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Crataegus Persimilis or Hawthorn Tree
If you’re looking for a tree to attract wildlife to your garden, Crataegus persimilis is an excellent choice. Crataegus persimilis or Hawthorn Tree will attract bees, birds and butterflies. The bees, butterflies and birds visit this tree in May when it’s covered in fragrant, small white blossoms. Songbirds enjoy the tree’s deep red berries which cover it in autumn through much of the winter.

Crataegus persimilis is a valuable ornamental tree. Aside from its attractive flowers and berries, the Hawthorne Tree has beautiful foliage. During the summer its glossy, oval leaves are dark green. Summer sun filtering through the tree’s lustrous leaves will create an inviting area in your garden. In the autumn, the leaves change to brilliant shades of yellow and dark orange. If you like autumn colour, Crataegus persimilis is one of the best trees to have.

The Hawthorn Tree has spreading, rounded crown. Its branches, like other Crataegus varieties have thorns that are about 5 cm long. Don’t let that deter you though. These thorns are only on the branches, not the trunk, and are far enough apart that they are easy to avoid. Crataegus persimilis has a moderate growth rate and will reach about 5 metres tall and 4 metres wide after 20 years.

Crataegus persimilis is an extremely hardy tree and very low maintenance. It does well in most soil types and can handle full sun to partial shade. It will even thrive on coastal locations, polluted areas or places that are exposed to extreme cold and wind. The Hawthorne Tree will survive temperatures down to minus 30° Celsius. The only thing the Hawthorne Tree doesn’t thrive in is saturated soils. Crataegus persimilis is perfect for areas where it seems like nothing will ever grow.

It’s tolerance to hard frosts adds another element of beauty. Autumn or early winter frost on berry covered branches look particularly attractive, not least when other deciduous plants have lost their autumn charm.

As the Hawthorn Tree is not very large it looks nice planted in shrub hedges or close to buildings. Crataegus persimilis is deciduous so it will shade a building nicely in the summer but not block much needed winter light.

Its seasonal interest and gorgeous colours makes Crataegus persimilis a great focal point for any garden. No surprise then that it received the Royal Horticultural Society Garden Award of Garden Merit!

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