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Ligustrum Ibota Privet

Medium to High Hedging

Ligustrum Ibota Privet
Ligustrum Ibota Privet
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Ligustrum Ibota is a small to mid-size semi-evergreen privet. It’s suited to hedges and dividers.

Ligustrum Ibota is native to Japan where is grows thickly in woodland and forests. It was introduced here in 1860 and has been used for hedging and sometimes topiary ever since. Ligustrum Ibota is small to mid-sized and spreads quickly. It has small, thick dense foliage with oval leaves that emerge green and mature to yellow in the winter. In the spring months tiny clusters of white blooms are followed by black berries.

This cheerful privet is more elegant that other privets. It’s a popular choice that brightens up a dull winter space, carries bright summer bedding colour, and quickly forms a thick privacy hedge.

Height and Spread of Ligustrum Ibota
Ligustrum Ibota will grow to a height of two metres and spread over the same. It can be maintained at lower heights with a twice-yearly trim

How Hardy Is Ligustrum Ibota
This is a tough and undemanding hedging shrub that has withstood UK winters for several hundred years. It’s rarely bothered by pests and can deal with some drought when established. In milder areas of the UK it will hold onto all its foliage.

How To Use Ligustrum Ibota
Primarily used as a cheerful dense hedging shrub, Ligustrum Ibota will quickly grow to create a privacy hedge that’s dense enough to block out noise and pollution in a front garden. It forms good natural garden ‘room’ dividers to mark out separate areas.

You can use Ligustrum to form topiary as it’s fast growing and forgiving – it’s suited to beginners as mistakes quickly grow out!

Left to its own devices Ligustrum Ibota will grow into a large and dense shaggy shrub that’s perfect for nesting birds in a low maintenance wildlife garden.

How To Care For Ligustrum Ibota
Ligustrum Ibota needs little care once established. It will grow in full sun to partial shade and is not particular about soil conditions growing in both alkaline and acid soils. It can withstand exposed sites and is drought tolerant once established.
You can leave this cheerful privet to form a shaggy bush or trim it twice a year to maintain height, shape and form.
A thick layer of mulch around the roots in early spring will help boost the colour and health of the plant throughout its growing season.

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