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Ligustrum Japonicum Coriaceum

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Ligustrum Japonicum Coriaceum, buy online, London UK
Ligustrum Japonicum Coriaceum - for sale online at our London plant centre, UK
Ligustrum Japonicum Coriaceum Shrub
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Ligustrum Japonicum Coriaceum, also Waxleaf Privet or Japanese Privet 
This variety of Ligustrum is a slow growing bushy dense evergreen shrub that looks great in mixed borders or when used as hedgingLigustrum Japonicum Coriaceum is also called Waxleaf Privet, Japanese Privet or just Coriaceum. This is an upright growing shrub with signature, beautiful curly, leathery, dark green leaves. It produces small creamy white fragrant flowers in mid summer. These are followed by black shiny fruits.
Growing Tip: Coriaceum loves full sun yet will also grow well in partial shade, in any well drained fertile soil.
As the name of this plant suggests, Japanese Privet is native to Japan and Korea, although it has been naturalized successfully in the United States and numerous European countries. Incredibly robust and resilient, Ligustrum Japonicum Coriaceum is fully hardy in Britain and Ireland. This evergreen shrub can survive even in the harshest European climates, and it’s frost hardy and drought tolerant. 
Over time, Ligustrum Japonicum Coriaceum will reach Max height of 1.5m-2m with Max Spread of 1m-1.5m, ideal dimensions for hedging.
Easy to grow and to care for, Waxleaf Privet is considered generally pest and disease free and does not require extensive pruning to keep its elegant, bushy form. However, Japanese Privet responds quite well to hard pruning and trimming, which is why it’s often trained as a topiary or used as hedging.
With a dense, evergreen foliage and undemanding nature, Ligustrum Japonicum Coriaceum is an ideal candidate for mixed shrub borders or screens and hedges. Easy to maintain and shape, Japanese Privet offers year-round interest and architectural value in the garden. 

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