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Pinus Mugo Green Column Dwarf

Pinus Mugo Green Column or Mountain Pine Green Column trees available to buy online with UK and Ireland delivery.
Pinus Mugo Green Column or Mountain Pine Green Column
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Height Excluding Pot: 1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 3476 2

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Pinus Mugo Green Column, also called the Dwarf Mountain Pine Green Column, is a hardy and attractive dwarf pine cultivar which will be a reliable and long-living addition to your landscape. Its evergreen foliage guarantees year-round beauty! As its name suggests, this is is a columnar cultivar with ascending branches. 

Native to the mountains of south and central Europe, Pinus Mugo is a hardy conifer and not overly fussy as to location, giving you great versatility in your garden plans. The long, narrow light green needles of Pinus Mugo Green Column densely cover the branches, growing in pairs and up to 7 cm in length. The insignificant flowers of May and June are followed by dark purple to brown cones up to 15 cm long which grow erect from the ends of the branches, almost looking like candles on a Christmas tree! Dwarf Mountain Pine Green Column has a relatively narrow shape, making it a good choice conifer for a smaller garden. Fully hardy in even the most severe climate, Dwarf Mountain Pine Green Column will grow to a mature height of 2 metres in 10 years. No pruning is required to maintain its tidy columnar shape. 

Pinus Mugo Green Column should be planted in full sun, in an exposed or sheltered position in any well-drained soil. It will not tolerate wet soil, but will thrive in even poor soil, making it an excellent choice for dry locations where more fussy plants would fail. Resistant to both wind and salt, coastal gardeners will find this the perfect windbreak or specimen tree, and its high tolerance for pollution makes it welcome in city gardens as well. Deer find Pinus Mugo much less appealing than white pine varieties, so Dwarf Mountain Pine Green Column is a good choice for country properties as well! 

A single specimen of Pinus Mugo Green Column is an excellent choice for a small garden, where its evergreen needles will provide year-round interest, and it’s also a good bet for a privacy hedge with its dense growth habit. In a rock or gravel garden, this drought-tolerant tree is a perfect focal point. Planted as a windbreak in an exposed property, a row of Dwarf Mountain Pine Green Column will shelter more delicate plants while at the same time creating an attractive light-green backdrop. 

With its attractive evergreen foliage, narrow shape, and wide range of tolerance for various planting conditions, Pinus Mugo Green Column makes a perfect low-maintenance choice of conifer that won’t get overly large.

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