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Malus Domestica Api Noir Apple

Malus Domestica Api Noir Apple Black Lady is an ancient heritage variety. A highly decorative, slow growing tree producing heavy crop of dark red flushed apples
Malus Domestica Api Noir Apple Black Lady is an ancient heritage apple variety.
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Height Excluding Pot: 2.5-3m (8ft 2-9ft 10)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 1.6-1.8 m

Trunk girth: 8-10 cm

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 13618 100

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Height Excluding Pot: 3-3.5m (9ft 10-11ft 5)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 1.8-2 m

Trunk girth: 10-12 cm

Rootball - supplied without a pot

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Malus Domestica Api Noir is an ancient apple variety from the 1600s, best known for its dark red flush fruit. Not to be confused with Malus Domestica Api (synonymous with Lady Apple), which produces red-skinned apples. Api Noir is a distinct variety which originated in France. It has many synonyms including Calvau Noir and Schwarze Api.

Highly-decorative and with a heavy crop of fruit of late-hanging fruit, Malus Domestica Api Noir, a heritage variety, was formerly widely grown throughout France. It is a small-sized deciduous tree. Late to fruit, it produces apples of rustic and aromatic flavour, similar to the original Api cultivar.

Small and highly-decorative, Apple Black Lady is grown both for its showy appearance and edible fruit. In the spring, the delicate, white, pleasantly scented blossoms envelop the tree’s crown. The fruit is late hanging but produced in abundance. Heavy crops of dark reed to purplish apples create a dramatic effect in the landscape and can be picked in late October. The fruit is sweet and juicy, and it can be eaten straight from the tree or used for cooking. 

A resilient and tough fruit tree, Apple Black Lady needs little to thrive. It appreciates well-drained, loamy soil and a spot in the full sun. Even though it is a late harvest variety, it blooms in the spring and needs to be grown at a sheltered location in the garden, to prevent damage by late frosts. Malus Domestica Api Noir is a self-sterile variety, which means it will require an apple tree of a different variety to pollinate it. You can ensure cross-pollination by planting another variety nearby, or, in case you lack the space, rely on insects or apple cultivars from the neighbouring gardens.

Apple Black Lady has a good track record and it is fully hardy in the United Kingdom. Apart from being robust, this cultivar is also quite undemanding. Annual pruning will keep the tree healthy and happy, and maintain its desired size. The method of pruning will depend on the shape of the tree.

Slow-growing, Malus Domestica Api Noir keeps its small size as it matures. This variety does not grow over 3 metres in height, and it is suitable for container growing and all types of training.

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