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Malus Domestica Elise Apple Tree

Malus Domestica Elise or Apple Elise, a  Low Allergenic Apple Variety
Malus Domestica Elise Apple produces tasty apples with low levels of allergens
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Height Excluding Pot: 2.5-3m (8ft 2-9ft 10)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 1.6-1.8 m

Trunk girth: 8-10 cm

Bare Root

Plant ID: 10505 100

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Malus Domestica Elise or Apple Elise is a new dessert apple variety that produces a good crop of firm, red apples, but perhaps the best known quality of this decidous tree is its hypo-allergenic properties. Namely, this cultivar was bred to contain low levels of allergens, making Apple Elise a rare variety that is suitable for people with allergies to apples. In addition to its low allergenic qualities, this apple tree offers decorative value, with its spreading open crown and good autumn colour. See also Malus Domestica Santana

In April through to May, petite, pale pink blossoms drape the branches of the tree. Pleasantly scented, the flowers fade to white before fruit replaces them. Malus Domestica Elise apples are attractive, with glossy red skin. Their flesh is firm and juicy with a sweet flavour. The fruit is ready to be picked in September. The apples can be used as dessert apple or a preserving apple.

Developed in Netherlands, Apple Elise needs no special treatment to thrive. Choose a sunny, sheltered spot in the garden for planting, and loamy, medium fertile soil. Apple Elise does not perform well in wet or waterlogged soils, so make sure to provide proper drainage. Although it is often claimed that this variety is self-fertile, this variety needs a pollination partner to produce fruit. Ideally, that partner would be either the Elstar or James Grieve variety, but any variety can provide pollen that is needed for a prolific crop. In situations where planting another apple tree in proximity is not possible, you can rely on apple trees in the neighbourhood to pollinate it.

Fully hardy in the United Kingdom, Malus Domestica Elise will not be bothered by low winter temperatures. However, late frosts might damage the blossoms so make sure you shelter this tree from harsh weather.

With a bushy, spreading habit, this fruit tree is easy to care for. Prune once a year to keep the tree in optimal shape and good health. As this cultivar is suitable for all forms of training, the method of pruning will depend on the shape of the tree. Regardless of the pruning method, the area around the tree’s trunk should always be clear (60 centimetres radius, at least). In a period of 10 years, Apple Elise will grow to be approximately 4 metres in height.

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